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Ethnographic Collection


The collection contains a variety of traditional items of the Županja area and covers the period from the mid-19th century to modern times. An especially valuable acquisition is a wide range of traditional textile items, with dozens of complete folk costumes from almost every part of the Županja area. The collection of wooden, iron, and ceramic objects representative of traditional craftsmanship is also very rich, and the Museum houses some rare traditional objects like a loom, a distaff, shelves or crates, a horse-drawn cart for transporting oak logs (parizer), a device for making juice (ižimača) or a cauldron with a ceramic top used for boiling brandy.
A reconstruction of the custom of harvest, organised by the Museum and the cultural artistic association Branimir from Bošnjak, 2001

The reconstructed stable building as a part of the future Ethnographic park near Županja – Dretvić’s abode, near Gradište, 2003

Since 2003, the Stjepan Gruber - Local History Museum has been participating in the project Ethnographic park near Županja – Dretvić’s abode (Etnopark kod Županje – Dretvića stan), which aims to revitalise the traditional home of Dražen Dretvić from Gradište. The Museum plans to redecorate the premises to house the museum inventory and serve as an exhibition area for its ethnographic inventory.